Meet the FLEX PPU

A Pudendal Post Pad Reinvented

ARTHRAFIT FLEX PPU (quantity of 5 units)
  • Avoid Perineum Pressure

    Our unique design includes a cutout to avoid contact with tissue, nerve endings, and the vascular pathway.

  • Lock and Align Patient

    Non-cylindrical shape reduces unintended rotation and maintains proper torso, pelvis, and hip alignment.

  • Optimal Density

    Material used provides cushioning support while creating an ideal fulcrum point for abduction.

  • Redirect Traction Force

    Angled sides redistribute traction forces from a concentrated area within the perineum to a large surface area along the inner thighs.


Hear the benefits of the Flex PPU from Dr. John Franco.

Why the FLEX PPU?

More than just protection for patients. Time and money for you.
Nerve & Tissue Damage

Reduce risk of injury and liability from prolonged traction forces on the perineum area.

Minimize Time in Traction

The unique shape of our PPU keeps the patient more stable, reducing need for patient readjustments.

Simplify Inventory

One size fits all patients.  

Save Patient Follow Up Time

More efficient follow up time with patients due to reduced sore pelvic region side effects.


Hear what others have to say about FLEX PPU

I use the Flex PPU for all my surgeries now. Its benefits include good patient alignment, stability, and cost effectiveness.

I've referred patients to surgeons who use the FLEX PPU. These patients have noticeably less post op issues.

My doctor informed me of the risks of hip arthroscopy. I requested to use the Flex PPU and it resulted in no numbness, no soft tissue damage, or soreness after surgery.

Technical Specifications

Protecting Your Patients

Purchase the FLEX PPU to benefit your patients and yourself.